History of the Club


Wyevern Cavy club has evolved from what was originally meant to be a “One Off ” show. This “One Off ” show, was arranged in 1977 and organised by Laverne & Michael Clayton. It was named the ‘South West Championship Show’ and held in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in conjunction with the Western Cavy Club.

The show was such a success that it was decided to form a new local club and thus Wyevern Cavy Club was born later in that same year. The name of the club is a hybrid between the local Wyvern dragon and the River Wye.

From its origins in Cheltenham, the club moved to a new venue in the village of Storridge, set in the Malvern foothills.

Althought the bulk of the membership came from the three counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire & Worcestershire, many came from much further afield, especially for the, then, annual South West
Championship Show. Entries of 500 to 600 Cavies were not unusual for this event. A magnificent trophy was presented to the winner of this show. The South West Championship show was reintroduced in 2009 with 532 exhibits.


Wyevern Cavy Club enjoyed many successful shows at the Storridge venue before moving to a new venue at Malvern in 1994. In 1995, Wyevern Cavy Club was on the move again; this time to a larger hall at Fernhill Heath on the outskirts of Worcester. This venue hosted many more successful shows and numerous South West Championship Shows before finally the decision was taken to move the club’s venue home to Cheltenham in 1998.

Wyevern Cavy Club now enjoys excellent facilities at its current venue in Cheltenham, with the capability of holding large shows as well as hosting stock shows for breed clubs.

Like most clubs over recent years, Wyevern has suffered from falling membership and falling show entries. However, we seem to have survived this impasse and those difficult times as things are definitely on the up again.

We are always looking forward and moving on, so we never dwell on the success of the last show, but rather look forward to the next show thinking about ways to be innovative and to make the next show even better than the last.

The committee would like to wish all members a very good 2019 ahead of our show in Febuary.